Waikato-Tainui Endowed College Hui

A professional learning day was held for Te Pae Here Deputy Principals and leaders at the Waikato Endowed College at Hopuhopu in October 2020. The theme of the day was ‘How can we be ready to enact Government policy on teaching history in 2022?’

Listening to Raewyn Mahara, the general manager of maatauranga (education & pathways) for Waikato-Tainui and Karahau Te Amo, spokesperson for Ngaati Wairere, share with us insights into effective iwi engagement two key messages being in the types of relationships we build with iwi and also iwi telling their own narratives. Do you know the
narrative of the whenua on which your school sits? Raewyn Mahara will remind us all that the narratives of the whenua should come from the people of that whenua. Do you know who to go to find that narrative? `Listen to Karahau Te Amo speak of the aspirations Ngaati Wairere have of helping teachers within Te Pae Here to give authentic voice to Ngaati Wairere narratives.

Feedback from the day:
Beginning to consider the opportunities and challenges going forward

Better understanding of Waikato-Tainui entity, the importance of a local curriculum and the width and breadth that needs to be undertaken for it to transpire, and a greater understanding of the historical timeline of mamae that Māori endured.

The learnings will impact my practice by …
Continuing valuing relationships and the appreciation of the time it takes - the layers and variety of relationships that are important/crucial